Saturday, January 8, 2011

E. Gellner had a book once called "Words and Things" but this is the case of the double word. It is related to the results of how the Internet works. What is this thing? What is this entity? Well, this you be starin' on be the small version of the jacksilvermaneconomicsblog. What you need to know here is that there is another one. The alternative entity is replete with posts---it has all the things that I wrote on this my first blog try. Except also rash and poorly considered things I would take off, if I could, but I cannot recover the password. So, this one you are reading is not the "real" jacksilvermaneconomocsblog. There are two. Get it? Two blogs of the same name. That "other" or "alternative" one is the one you probably want, unless you really love THIS message that much. In which case --- you are as weird as I am. (ha ha ha ha ha) Which is unlikely.
Google did this! Google is guilty! It's the Google Boys!!! Those fuckers are postmodern! I know it! But seriously, folks: why is the person who actually acts not in charge of his/her own actions? I have yet to read an explanation. He who writes the text should not be in charge of it? Since when? Who Sez? The blog is not a person, is who is in charge, in this system? Homicidal robots? And you people think this is the wonderful world of science. \
     At any rate Google seems to ultimately own the blog and I cannot find the password either, so I cannot correct anything without getting real, real intimate with the Google Corp. I would change some bad postings that I regret having made. I'm not perfect. Hey, neither is Google. They just own my fucking blawg. I am just asking "Why?" Is that against the law? But the blog exists, with so very many postings, some of them bad that I wish I could replace. It is more from the G. W. Bush era. I never understood that little fascist creep. So --- you already get the idea of the sort of stuff I want to go back to and remove. Do it for me. OK? Have we gotta deal? That was my first extensive blog with many postings. Maybe Google was new at this too (yeah, right). What this all adds up to then is that there are two. Blogs. The real jacksilvermaneconomicsblog is one and this thing is the other, the one you exist upon right now. Well, kiss my doodling fanny, Martha, we're on the wrong "blog." So, you're on a sort of "false blog" with replica title. How did Google do that? Or did I do it? Or did the homidical robot once again do something cute and charming like inventing mustard gas, or Clorox (is there any difference?) Well, folks, I guess you were probably looking for the other one with all the mean stuff I said about Bush on it. Well, maybe not....I think it is pretty easy, though, to enter it....just type in the IP address. That should do...

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